LPV validation flights at Bratislava Airport

Pildo Labs and the University of Zilina, with the support of LPS SR (ANSP of the Slovak Republic), have recently performed validation flights of RNP APCHs down to LPV minima in Bratislava airport. The flight tests were performed the first week of October 2014 with a Piper Seneca III, property of University of Zilina. LPS SR […]

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Tests at Barcelona Airport

Successful tests at Barcelona Airport of simultaneous airplane-helicopter IFR operations Pildo Labs and the helicopter operator CatHelicopters has recently performed flight trials in the terminal area of Barcelona airport, demonstrating the technical feasibility for the implementation of Simultaneous Non-Interfering (SNI) operations between fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in busy airports. The flight tests were performed in […]

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TREGA training sessions

Pildo Labs has been in charge of providing the Regulatory and Service provision trainings. Two training sessions were held: “Space Projects Management” and “Legal Regulatory Aspects”, ran from 15 July to 4 August 2013. “GNSS Systems and Applications” and “Service Provision, User Support and Promotion of EGNOS Use in Africa”, runs from 20 January to […]

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