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Founded in 2001, PildoLabs is an engineering company specialized in delivering cutting edge technology and services within the aeronautics and aerospace sectors


PildoLabs supports Aviation Stakeholders in the research and development of more sustainable Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts and operations.


PildoLabs supervises the service´s overall life cycle, from system design and technology deployment, to final operational service implementation and maintenance. The company´s moderate size and its independence from any system manufacturer ensure that services are provided in a flexible and agile manner.


The company is known for leading the introduction of Satellite Navigation Services (GNSS) and implementing Performance Based Navigation (PBN) within the European aviation sector. PildoLabs has contributed to many strategic initiatives with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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Engineering projects


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Based on innovative products

TMA re-organization

Introduction of Continuous Descend and Climb Operations (CDO/CCO) through novel techniques in support to ATCO

PBN implementation

Design of Performance Based Operations through approved quality procedures

Rotorcraft operation

Design and validation of 24/7 rotorcraft operations based on satellite navigation technology

Flight Validation & Inspection

Ultimate validation of flight new procedures through PLATERO, a portable and cost-effective solution

Avionics Firmware

Development, test and validation of advanced on-board algorithimcs for optimal flight profile computation

Operational Validation and Monitoring

Key Performance Indicators assessment on Air Navigation services through smart connected products

ATCO Supporting tools

Software tools for managing efficiently Air Traffic Control service provision

International Cooperation

Promotion of research and development for the implementation of European GNSS services



UK Branch


Pildo Wessex is a modern Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) service provider that offers bespoke solutions to the
industry through satellite navigation and technology development. Committed to mitigating the environmental impacts of transport, Pildo Labs Wessex is at
the forefront of the development, trialing, implementation and measurement of optimal efficiency operations.

Created in
February 2014

Newcastle Airport
contract Award


Intelligent transport

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