PildoLabs at the European Space Solutions 2016

EUSpace Solutions 2016

Bringing space to Earth is the key message of the European Space Solutions Conference, an event that brings together business and the public sector with users and developers of space-based solutions.

This year, PildoLabs will be part of the conference, where three of its most strategic Projects, 5Lives, Magnific and Gricas, will be presented.
The projects, partially funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) in the frame of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme (funding programme set by the European Commission for research and innovation), aim to provide innovative solutions based in the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems, EGNOS and Galileo (EGNSS) to overcome difficulties currently faced by the aviation sector in different areas.

5Lives Project seeks to overcome various rotorcraft operational weaknesses identified in five different scenarios related to: Helicopter Emergency and Medical Services (HEMS), Search & Rescue (SAR) and Fire Fighting operations. 5Lives presentation, titled EGNOS for Emergency Operations, will be held on June 2nd, in the Health & Safety session.
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On the other hand, Magnific and Gricas Projects will be presented at a Workshop on Galileo Search & Rescue, to be held on June 2nd. During the workshop, Magnific Project will address the topic of search & rescue beacons in Maritime and Multimodal transport (ship and trucks) to localize a distress call using Galileo/SAR satellites in the African region, while Gricas Project will give an overview on the use of Cospas-Sarsat and Galileo Return-Link to improve safety in aviation.

Magnific Project, aims to promote African EGNOS and Galileo Early services, and support the awareness and capacity building in Africa to boost the penetration of the EGNSS applications and services.
Visit  Magnific website

Gricas Project, aims to design and demonstrate a solution based on Cospas-Sarsat Galileo Return-Link to improve the safety and security of air navigation. The solution addresses to detected shortcomings after several aircraft incidents (AF447, MH370, etc.)

More information about the workshop here 


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