PildoLabs and EUROCONTROL deploy airport capacity and performance monitoring for an increasing network of airports

After a long period of cooperation between PildoLabs and the airport capacity and performance division at EUROCONTROL, the airport continuous capacity and performance monitoring tool completes a long testing phase with over ten airports.

PildoLabs has been partnering with EUROCONTROL since 2014 for the development of software tools to help airports and its stakeholders monitor the arrival and departure flows, including runway capacity analysis, apron and taxiway assessment and TMA efficiency monitoring.

The Continuous Capacity and Performance Monitoring is one of the latest developments between PildoLabs and EUROCONTROL, currently being tested at more than ten airports, with an increasing set of functionalities that help the airport monitor its performance 24/7 with the simple installation of a PildoBox.

As an online service, its web interface presents a myriad of analysis and plotting capabilities, including flexible data filtering and categorisation, allowing the user to quickly access a set of key performance indicators such as runway occupancy times for arrivals and departures, taxi in and out times, stand occupancy, runways in use, busiest periods, and a big etcetera. Furthermore, the tool allows the user to create and customise any element of study on top of the default items, in case a specific segment in an air route, volume or ground movement is of special interest to the final user.

The tool is now being increasingly developed and robustified against software bugs and special airport configurations, as it is being tested in over ten locations around Europe. These test deployments mainly consist of simple PildoBox installations: one PildoBox to cover the whole airport surface and terminal area, without any further installations or actuations. The tool is also adapted to standard formats, so that data can be directly streamed from the own airport systems, if desired.

The finalization of the development and testing phase is expected later this year, with a public release event planned for the end of the year. The expectation is to double the current network of airports in 2023, and keep growing in the upcoming years.


“Aquesta actuació està impulsada i subvencionada pel Servei Públic d’Ocupació de Catalunya i finançada pel Fons Social Europeu com a part de la resposta de la Unió Europea a la pandèmia de COVID-19”.

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