PildoLabs runs PBN operational approval workshop

pbn-workshopOn 10th October, PildoLabs organised a workshop on operational approval of PBN (Performance-Based Navigation). The workshop took place in Rozas, Galicia, where many important aeronautical projects are being carried out. The meeting was attended by representatives from Babcock Spain, Portugal and France. 

Being able to perform PBN procedures would bring great benefits to the operators, since it improves safety from current levels, in which many of the operations are limited by visibility conditions. For example, the design of PBN routes and procedures means that there are smaller areas of protection which allows for lower level flying, avoiding freezing of aircraft and allowing the approach to bases at a lower minimum altitude. There is also greater flexibility in the design of routes that allows access to remote locations increasing the safety of operations.  

The workshop is part of the 5LIVES Project, designed so that the operators involved can acquire the PBN designation for the operations carried out today (SAR, HEMS, etc).

During this workshop PildoLabs presented the generic PBN approval framework. That is to say, all regulatory requirements that will be evaluated by national and European authorities and which operators must take into account when initiating the process. These include airworthiness certification, updating of procedures and operations manuals, the training required for pilots who want to be PBN approved and the formal application process to the national authority. 

In addition, the specific requirements of each state represented in the workshop and the differences between them were reviewed. The participants in the workshop also explained where each of them is in relation to this topic and shared related experiences.

The workshop established a work plan between all participants, which is expected to culminate with the operational approval of all of them to enable them to fly with PBN procedures. 

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