CabilAvi Workshop in Montenegro


Last September 30th Pildo Labs organised an interactive workshop hosted by the Montenegro Civil Aviation Authority, under the CabilAvi Project (Capacity Building for the Aviation community).
Representatives from Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) from Bosnia–Herzegovina, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro participated in the event.
During the workshop interesting discussions about Performance Based Navigation took place. The participants had the chance to share their experiences related to the ongoing designs undertaken by Pildo in four different scenarios.

As a highlight of the event, the initial results showed up that the Project will end up with the design of two Localizer Performance (LP) procedures (so-called SBAS non-precision approach). The Balkan region topography is very challenging, and the airports are usually surrounded by high mountains. This fact has constrained the implementation of standard LPV procedures in some of the airports. The participants pointed out that the CaBilAvi project is a great opportunity for mutual cooperation of the ANSPs and CAAs of the region (i.e. part of the LPV of Skopje overflows Serbian airspace).

This workshop is an important milestone for the project, since the initial conceptual designs were mostly consolidated, which will enable to keep moving forward with the rest of the project activities.

More information of the CabilAvi project here

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