EGNOS starts dancing at SAMVA beat!

The kick-off meeting for SAMVA was held on the 7th November 2022 in Lleida-Alguaire airport. This project led by PildoLabs aims to increase the adoption of EGNOS technology within the provision of rotorcraft services, and will pave the way towards seamless integration of VTOL autonomous aircraft. 

To achieve this goal, SAMVA project is spread over 2 years to develop the following activities:

  • – Implement the first Point-in-Space (PinS) and Low-Level-Route (LLR) operation for rotorcraft services in Spain;
  • – Deploy first EGNOS VTOL operation at Lleida-Alguaire airpot (LEDA), and demonstrate how EGNOS can support ATM tasks for entry into operations;
  • – Enable EGNOS capabilities on-board EHANG EH216 eVTOL for the provision of precise and integer navigation guidance and support U-Space Airspace integration;
  • – Develop, test in-flight and validate an EGNOS RNP flight procedure design criteria based on eVTOL navigation performances;
  • – Demonstrate how current EGNOS Safety-of-Life Service can best support eVTOL urban operations by hybridizing data from on-board sensors;
  • – Evaluate how current EGNOS service could evolve to provide high accuracy integrity values in combination with the Galileo High Accuracy Service; and
  • – Promote the adoption of EGNOS services towards the provision of Urban Air Mobility services through the support of Stakeholders from different European cities and regions.


This project will establish relevant milestones towards the nominal use of EGNOS based operations for both rotorcraft and eVTOLs vehicles. These new procedures will offer all the EGNOS benefits to the different service operators and users, achieving a better positioning solution backed up by high precision, accuracy and integrity.’ – Josep Montolio, SAMVA Project Coordinator.

SAMVA Consortium at Lleida-Alguaire Airport during the Kick-Off Meeting

SAMVA project, which formally started the 1st October 2022, is partially founded by EUSPA (European Union Agency for the Space Programme), granted under the call for proposals ‘GSA/GRANT/01/2021 – Acceleration of EGNOS Adoption in Transport’.

The project´s activities will be carried out thanks to the expertise of SAMVA consortium and supporters formed by: PildoLabs, EHANG, Airport Regions Council, Thales Alenia Space – France, Eliance, Aeroports de Catalunya, and the Technical University of Timisoara.

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