Pildo Labs supports Norsk Luftambulanse operations


Last November, Pildo Labs and the HEMS operator Norsk Luftambulanse met in Norway to begin a project together that aims to design, validate and implement the first Point-in-Space (PinS) instrument approach procedures down to LPV minima within Norway.

Thanks to the implementation of these new procedures, Norsk Luftambulanse will enhance the safety and the accessibility for their operations at Levanger, Trondheim, Leknes and Narvik Hospitals.

Furthermore, the project is complemented with the design of two low-level IFR connecting routes, which will allow uninterrupted patients transportation between hospitals.

This project is an important challenge for the HEMS operations in Norway, where the use of EGNOS as a navigation sensor complementing GPS still needs to be exploited.

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